Wargame : RDのサーバーライセンスを申請しました


標題の通り、Wargame : Red Dragonのサーバーライセンスを本日付で申請しました。
EUGEN社からの許諾があり次第、Wargame : RD向けのサーバー提供を開始します。


Thank you for visiting Canned Catfood Gamin Community page, here.
To prove that I’m server and community owner of this community, I’ll paste what I sent as a E-mail application.

Deer, Sir
I’m sorry for troubling you, but I would like to be able to host a dedicated server for Wargame: Red Dragon.
My login ID for is ThomsonJP.

Currently, I’m hosting for several games on linux-based system, on debian.
I’ll send you a link as proof, https://www.canned-catfood.com/


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