Canned Catfood Gaming Squad Server Rules (EN)


Respect other players. There’s no language restriction; however, we have recommended languages described below. Primary language is Japanese, and secondary language is English.


NO Intentional teamkilling, ghosting, glitching, trolling, spamming, cheating, hate speeches, or racism. APOLOGIZE if you unintentionally teamkilled / friendly fired. RESPAWN if you come across a glitch. DO NOT advertise or give invitations to clan, community, website, individual or group. DO NOT impersonate server admins, moderator, related indivisual or group. Moderators will deal with individual cases. If Japanese version of the Server Rules does not conform to other language versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.


Please join a squad. Players who are not in any squad will be kicked. Commander and squad leaders MUST have a squad leader kit and a working microphone. Communication between squads MUST be in either Japanese or English. You may use your mother language when communicating within a squad. Squad leaders are allowed to kick his/her squad members regardless of reason. Squads can be locked with a minimum of 4 people. Exceptions: ARMOR squads can be locked with a minimum of 2 players, COMMAND squads with minimum of 2 players, and HELI squads with minimum of 1 player.


Squads to use armors or helicopters MUST include ARMOR or HELI in their squad names. “ARMOR” refers vehicle that require a Crewman kit for operation. The number of vehicle an ARMOR / HELI squad can occupy is 1, and it has to be placed or left unoccupied near main base or HAB. Consult other squads if you want to use 2 or more vehicles. The following is the vehicles that an ARMOR squad can occupy: If there is only 1 vehicle in a main base and there are multiple ARMOR / HELI squads, first one to get is served the right to occupy. Squads other than ARMOR / HELI MUST consult all ARMOR / HELI squads on team to get permission to occupy the vehicle. Vehicles that need Crewman kit must be operated by 2 or more players. DO NOT drive ARMOR squad-occupiable vehicles alone, out of main base to pick up a gunner for the vehicle at the frontline.


Idle players will be kicked. DO NOT abandon vehicles. DO NOT intentionally collide helicopter and UAV with an enemy helicopter. DO NOT camp or ambush enemy main base. This includes planting mines or IEDs. If you wish to live-stream playing on server, Set a delay of at least 5 minutes. DO listen to warnings given by administrator or moderators.

last update: 2023/06/17